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A Unifying Scent to Attract Them All

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One thing I appreciate, and I’m sure ladies do as well, is consistency. And I’m not talking emotional consistency (though that’s also important), but hygiene consistency.

Meaning that if I were to use a one brand’s hair product, I’ll also want to use their soap, conditioner, etc. The combination of everything gives off a subtle togetherness — one-unifying scent to attract them all.

Dickson Hairshop products combines a signature awesome scent with old-school aesthetics. From their shampoo [$23, Everything Swell] to their conditioner [$25, Everything Swell], they all use natural botanicals and permeates the air with the scent of juniper, cedar, and white pepper.


And if you want to go the whole 9, as I like to, I’d recommend the travel kit which comes with shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, shave lotion, and a candle.

[$45, 3sixteen]

See more at Everything Swell. If you’re in New York City, stop by the Dickson Hairshop for a sharp haircut (and a shot of bourbon, apparently) guaranteed to make you the hippest kid on the block.

[via Valet.]