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A Year in Perspective

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It’s no secret that knowledge is a surefire tool of attraction, and what better time to ponder our collective knowledge than the beginning of a new year? 2009 ended what many agree was a rocky decade, but there were also some pretty entertaining factoids throughout the end of the oughts.

Thanks to the BBC, you can brush up on the 100 of the most interesting:

A few of my favorites:

• It’s legal to ramble naked Switzerland, making Zurich the new frontrunner on my list of travel destinations.

• Elephants can kiss, which I’m pretty sure is the perfect tidbit of knowledge for a first date.

• Barbie officially dumped Ken, making feminists and plastic bachelors everywhere rejoice. 

So, in this shiny new year, if you’re looking to hone your conversational skills, I’d definitely check out the full list of Things We Learned in 2009. It might just give you the perfect line for that perfect companion.


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