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Act Like a Lady

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[$25, Etsy]

I like to think that men appreciate the nice, little touches that us ladies bring to everything we do:

  • the way we buy new scented candles every time we’re expecting company
  • the polo shirts and blazers we buy for them
  • the ways in which we make a shared, crappy-ass apartment space feel like home.

My man grumbles every time I ask him to hang a new picture, but he loves it when his friends rave about cozy our condo is. It’s the little things, I tell him.

For a little something that will make a BIG impact, I suggest you try out the work of Lauren Nicole Love. She has a Flickr feed…a photography site…a blog…but what I love most of all are her watercolors:


[$20, Etsy]

This one, from her Etsy shop, is my fave.