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Adam and His Glasses That Can Get You Naked

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 I was at a birthday party a few nights ago that had all the usual suspects: good friends, fine wine, drunken hook-ups in the bathroom, and these amazing glasses. Now you can drink heavily, have fun AND look cool. This is our friend Adam doing all three of those things at once:


The glasses were a gift to the birthday girl, but they ended up getting passed around to everyone that night. And don’t be so quick to call them silly! As the The Pick-Up Artist taught us, a prop is the number one tool in your arsenal to meeting people, as evidenced by my girlfriend, who drank too much wine and went home with a hot tattooed guy who fancied her glasses. (Or just saw a reason to come up and talk to her). In any case, a fun time was had by all.

And when you’re done trying to score at a bar with your conversation-starter glasses, go grab a bottle of wine, insert straw and put on The Notebook. Because everyone secretly likes movies with pretty people about love. And, with Valentine’s Day approaching, what better way to get that fix than on your couch with a bottle of wine and a crazy straw that wraps around your face?

 Adam got these wet little spectacles at Alphabets in the East Village, but you can also find them online