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Adam and His Thrift Store Kitsch

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The other night found a group of us going truly retro at Lucky JuJu — a vintage pinball spot in the East Bay that features $10 free play and a very lax brown-bag policy. If you’ve never spent three hours sipping Schlitz and playing Target Alpha… well, let’s just say you haven’t properly relived the 90s. 

And I wasn’t the only one with kitsch on the brain: I ran into Adam playing foursomes on Captain Fantastic, and his perfectly retro ensemble immediately caught my eye. He’d picked up the black plastic glasses at a thrift store while on the hunt for a Flight of the Conchords Halloween costume — and ended up liking them so much that he had his real lenses switched in. The shirt was a thrift store gem of its own, with neon screenprinted skiers on the front, and a bold "Keepin’ it fresh!" on the back.

I’ve always said that it’s easy to go thrift store kitsch, but hard to make it work in believable style. On a night that screamed retro in all sorts of ways, Adam most definitely pulled it off.