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Alfia and Her Humphrey Bogart Hat

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When I first noticed Alfia, she was slouched against the door of a crowded subway car heading through the West Village. Her green wool trilby hat was tipped forward on her head and her matching men’s coat was hiked up around her neck. She looked like a detective from a film noir; I had to investigate.

I followed her off the train at 14th Street – she was her way to her home in Williamsburg –  and stopped her on the platform. “I’m not really a girly girl and never have been,” she said when I asked her about her menswear ensemble, topped off by that rakishly vogue hat. A 27-year-old tax attorney on Wall Street, Alfia says that an ultra feminine get-up would be a distraction in her sausage fest of an office. “Menswear is an appealing alternative.”

Though Alfia has the look of a Hollywood crime hero, she indulges in her feminine side, too. That night, she was on her way home from a beginner sewing class in Manhattan, an un-Humphrey Bogart-like activity if there ever was one. She also quite graciously shared her fashion tips. The unforgettable hat is from In God We Trust, a clothing boutique with locations in Manhattan and Brooklyn. The jacket is by Dolce & Gabbana Men’s. The scarf is by Chado Ralph Rucci, and her purse is a Pollini.