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Alia on bowler hats, Fashion Week, and why women can wear whatever they want

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Hi, what's your name?
I'm Alia.

Where are you from?
London. I'm on holiday, but hopefully I'll be living here soon. I just came for Fashion Week.

Have you seen any shows?
I went to a couple. I've seen Custo Barcelona, and I shot some as well.

What's a style dealbreaker for you?
On a guy, it's got to be flip-flops. I think girls can wear anything they want.

Anything. Just as long as they carry it with pride.

Why flip-flops?
I don't know. I don't mind feet, but something about it just creeps me out a little bit. On the street, it's a bit dirty. I don't know, it's just too much.

What do people say is the sexiest thing about you?
I have no idea. My smile, I guess.

What's the trends have you seen people embracing in London right now?
Everyone's embracing vintage at the moment, and these hats. The girls are really into bowlers especially. I need to get one.

And in New York. Is it entirely different?
It's not entirely different, just a little bit. New York isn't as funky as London. Or at least it's not funky in the same way.