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Alicia on cleavage, Australian style, and wearing undergarments as dresses

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Alicia on nerve street style fashion blog

What's your name and what do you do?
I'm Alicia. I'm a marketing manager.

In terms of personal style, what designers do you like?
My favorite is an Australian designer Welovefairground. The rest I kinda shop vintage and little Top Shop.

What are you wearing now?
The dress is a vintage nighty, an Urban Outfitters jacket from last winter, vintage cardigan, and I don't even know where this striped shirt is from.

Did you say that was a nighty?
Yeah. It's fully a nighty.

What about the shoes?
I got them from a boutique store in Australia.

So, when did you move here?
About two years ago.

How do you feel Australian style compares to New York style?
I think Australians are little bit more laid back, like New Yorkers wear a lot of black whereas we like prints. That's the main difference, also you get to actually wear coats here. We don't wear coats where I'm from because it's summer all year round.

What are some trends right now that you like?
I guess I'm trying to be a little bit ahead, because like, the spring-summer cycle is all about prints and sheer fabrics and like long skirts so that's where I'm going now.

Do you have any style deal-breakers when it comes to men's style?
I hate high top shoes, like sneakers.

Like, Converse?
Yeah, that's really not my style. I don't like that homey-style, like baggy jeans.

So do you like guys in a suit?
No, more like beanies and skinny leg jeans. I really like guys who wear a hoodie inside a leather jacket.

What did you buy today in Top Shop?
A whole bunch of sale stuff. Suede shorts, a velvet dress, some pants. Textured stuff.

if you went home with a guy, and you saw one thing in his apartment that made you turn around and leave, what would it be?
Herpes medication.

What do you wear when you go out to make yourself sexier?
I don't consider myself very sexy so I don't really think about it. I feel like I dress for girls, I don't think about what a guy thinks looks cute. I dress for what I like.

But if you were going out to get laid, what makes you feel confident?
Probably high heels. That's the one thing I'd need or else I'd feel really small.

How tall are you?

Would you wear a dress or pants with the heels?
Probably a black dress.

Not low-cut. I don't do cleavage.