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Allie and Her Diamond Piercing

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This is Allie. When I started talking to her at The Pub on Madison’s State Street last Saturday night, I immediately glanced down at her chest.  Say what you will, but I actually had legit reason; there was something sparkling right above her sternum – a tiny diamond stud.

Allie explained that that the diamond was actually a microdermal piercing – body jewelry attached to a small anchor piece below the skin. “That was the best name they could come up with?” was my first reaction. She smiled, and we agreed that “microdermal” sounds painful, like a heavily medicated procedure. However, recently this type of piercing is winning converts outside the world of hardcore body modification.  Allie said that she picked a microdermal piercing because she wanted something less permanent than a tattoo but more badass than a regular piercing. To illustrate, she made a badass face for the camera.

Allie enjoys the attention the piercing gets enough that she wants to get a second one on her finger. But, as far as guys staring at her chest, she said she gets more comments about her “thick” physique (I might have said "curvy") than her microdermal piercing. Still, a little diamond sparkle can’t hurt, can it?