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Allison on Jane Birkin, Otis Redding, and wearing whatever you find on the floor

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alison for tools of attraction

I like your outfit.
Thanks. I went to bed at six and I have to be at work at nine. This is the first thing that was on top of my laundry basket. This t-shirt was my little brother’s and then it ripped and I took it.

So you didn’t sleep in that?
Do I have to say if I did or not?

What are some trends you hate these days?

I hate girls who wear really, really short shorts and high heels. They just look like sluts. I mean, come on, are you really trying to attract that type of person? I hate when men wear popped collars. I hate when men wear tighter pants than I do. And I hate when people try too hard. Do what I do: just roll out of bed and wear whatever’s on the floor.

What’s something that you do like?

A beard.

Who’s the sexiest man in the world?
Wow, I don’t know. Looks-wise or intellect-wise?


Patrick Ervell. He’s a designer. I just like how he dresses. Kind of preppy with a dark edge twist, I guess.

Why did you come to New York?
I came to New York to party. I’m kidding. I came for school. I go to FIT. I’m studying Fabric Styling, textile design.

If someone told you you had to dress super fancy, what would you wear?

I’d probably end up wearing a vintage dress and flat boots.

Are there any famous style icons you can think of?
Yeah, there are a lot. There’s Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Jane Birkin, and oh my god, there’s so many. Film noir, seeing the way people used to dress in Godard films.

Let’s say you end up at a guy’s house, what’s something that would make you run away?
If he put on Otis Redding.

What would make you stay?
If he offered me a beer or a joint.