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Alonso on V-Necks, Mexico City, and Smelling Good

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Alonso from Mexico City for Tools of Attraction

What are you wearing right now?
I’m wearing Armani glasses, an Abercrombie shirt, and Mossimo pants.

What do you think of the New York fashion scene?
I like it a lot. I’m from Mexico City, and everyone there is much more conservative. What I like about New York, and about the States in general, is that people don’t really care how you dress. You can see 10,000 people dressing in 10,000 different ways in block. I love that. Back home people are much more formal. There was a girl I considered dating once ’till I realized how formal she dressed most of the time. You know, long skirts all the way down to her ankles with a blouse. She looked like my mom. I couldn’t take it.

What would you wear to go pick up girls?
A really nice shirt from a place like Pink. A nice pair of jeans, Diesel maybe. And really, really nice shoes. Or, I might go to the other extreme with a long v-neck shirt, ripped-up jeans and some sneakers.

What kinds of trends are you into these days?
I’m really into v-neck shirts and tight jeans, with like, a pair of nice sneakers. Just simple stuff. I really hate it when guys wear long shirts and huge pants with huge sneakers. I hate that.

What about for women?
Well, for the summer, I like nice shorts and a real cute top. I actually pay a lot of attention to what women wear – a nice white dress for walking around the city is a good way to go. The more fashion forward they look, the better. I like nice necklaces and stuff, you know?

If you went home with a girl, what’s something you could find in her apartment that would freak you out?
I really hate a mess, so that’d do it for me. I’d love it if her place smelled nice though. I also love TV, so it’d be great if she was into that too. I like House, Entourage, The Office, True Blood. The good stuff.