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Amanda on lumberjack coats, baggy pants, and why she’s excited to wear fur

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Amanda on Nerve's style blog

What's your name and what do you do?
Amanda Rosenthal, and I work on the events and promotions at the Soho and Tribeca Grand Hotels. I'm also in fashion school.

What are you wearing?
Marc Jacobs leather bracelet that says "veritas inlustrat" which means "truth enlightens," and a Surface to Air half-skull, half-bunny necklace which was a gift. This is a Silence and Noise jacket from Urban Outfitters in LA. My pants are OAK, and my shirt is American Apparel

What are some articles of clothing that you consider essential?
My Frye boots are pretty essential; I wear them almost every day. My Surface to Air two-finger gun ring is something I actually wear every day. I also love my new flannel jacket from Stella Dallas; my roommate's cat destroyed my leather jacket, so looking like a lumberjack is in until I receive another. I love my studded combat boots that I won off eBay last year.

Any fall fashion that you're super excited about?
I am excited to wear my fur and deep colors, greens and reds with lots of black.

What are some fashion trends that you can't stand?
I can't stand baggy pants on guys. Seriously, I don't want to see your underwear unless we're in a pool or we are sleeping together, ugh, and horrible shoes. If you have awful shoes, then no thank you. For women, why are you going to wear skin-tight leggings with a skin-tight shirt. Leggings are not pants! Also, stiletto heels and flared jeans — not a fan. The worst is a Juicy Couture velour track suit with Uggs. Get me out of there.

If you're sizing up a guy, what are some outfit details that you really like? What do you find sexy?
Even though this isn't a part of a guy's outfit, tattoos are a huge must. Then, give me a few band shirts, a flannel or even a leather jacket, sneakers or some nice shoes and fitted jeans (not skin-tight girls' jeans, just fitted jeans.) You can look clean or you can look dirty, just put it together well.

If you were going out, trying to get laid, what would you wear?
That's a hard question to answer. I try to stay cute but comfortable when I go out. I don't think I've ever gone out to have my mission to get laid, though, so I'm not really sure.

If you were to go home with a guy, what's something that, if you saw it in his apartment, would make you turn around and leave?
If there was already a random female panty or a bra; that's a huge call to "get out" right there. Gross habits would ruin it as well. You're a boy, and I expect you to be messy but disgusting is a different story.

How do you think being in the fashion industry affects your personal style?
Being in fashion has made me care more about what I wear when I go out and deal with people. However, being in fashion school has made me care less about what I wear to class. I just wear something comfortable. I will go to the bodega in leggings and a T-shirt — who cares? We all have to dress down sometimes.