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Amanda on Steve Madden boots, low-cut tops, and the difference between good beards and bad beards

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Amanda for Nerve's style blog tools of attraction  
What's your name and what do you do? I’m Amanda, and I’m a writer. And I have this gig doing wine junk at a restaurant in midtown.  

What are you wearing? Steven Madden boots, Lucky jeans, some polyester top from Urban. And my baller sleeves. And underpants.  

What are some articles of clothing that you consider essential?  Boots are essential. All kinds of boots. Slouchy boots, boots with heels, cowboy boots, leather Charles Dickens boots. I have this Oliver-Twist-meets-Biloxi, Mississippi pair that I love from Ziginy. Also, these baller sleeves. My best friend from Chicago got them for me.   

If you're sizing up a guy, what are some outfit details that you really like? What do you find sexy or endearing? I don’t do endearing so much. My little brothers and puppies are endearing. I like when dudes are put-together, give a shit. Well-cut jeans, cardigans, a blazer if it’s pulled off right. And some fly sneakers.  

What are absolute dealbreakers?  Yeah man, patchy-ass facial hair. I don’t care. Get off the Bedford bullshit. I’m not kissing that face. Scruff is hot, but none of that untamed-wilderness crap.  

Are there any certain styles of articles of clothing that make you think of an ex? Oh god, yeah. Sperry top-siders. Boat shoes. I have this ex who wore a pair into the ground, so they’ve become something of synecdoche for a drunk moron. No loafers.  

If you were going out, trying to get laid, what would you wear?  Black and low-cut is my favorite man-eating attire. I know it’s classic or whatever, but hey man. Shit works.  

Why do you think men are attracted to you? Oh, God. Because I have a prodigious ass. I think the smart ones figure out that I’m a lot more feminine and sensual than I give off. Men who like a little bit of veiling and revelation seem to dig that.   

If you were to go home with a guy, what's something that, if you saw it in his apartment, would make you turn around and leave?
Any sort of '60s paraphernalia on the wall. Jam-band posters. Maybe just lousy posters in general. Fear & Loathing and Scarface are dealbreakers. Get some framed art up on your wall. Also, unless your booze collection is sick, you should probably hide the mini-bar from me. If I spot flavored vodka or Jose Cuervo, the pants stay on.