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Amanda on Tall Guys, Tight Dresses, and the Return of 90s style

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What physical qualities attract you to a guy?
I like tall guys, definitely. 5’11’’ and over is preferable. I don’t know why, I guess it’s just more masculine. I love goofy guys; if they’re willing to get goofy with you it’s a sign of confidence. I pretty much like hipster guys too. I like the whole skinny jeans and plaid thing.  Hats on guys are great.

You’re rocking that hat pretty well, actually. Are there any trends these days you think you can’t pull off?

Hm, bib necklaces are pretty weird. I tried some on the other day. It’s not that I can’t pull them off necessarily, but they just look and feel really awkward so you feel weird about wearing them. It’s uncomfortable to have something that big sitting on your chest.

So what makes you feel confident? What would you wear if you were determined to have a one night stand?
A tight dress for sure. Like, think Whitney Houston in the 80’s. She used to wear those skintight dresses that were low cut in the front and the back. That’s totally asking for it. You have to have the right attitude too though, cause you’re never going to get laid if you just sit in the corner of the bar with your friends, you know?

What do people say is the sexiest thing about you?
People are drawn to my hair because it’s so bright, and probably because being a redhead is a little less common. I’ve also been told that smoking makes me look sexy too.

I agree! Smoking can be a very attractive activity.
You just look good doing it! Plus it gives you a reason to approach people. At a bar if the guy you’re eyeing goes outside, you have a legitimate reason to follow him, you know? And if he’s also standing around smoking, that’s just a conversation waiting to happen. I’m not a big smoker though, only when I’m drinking.

Aren’t we all? Smoking is a big dealbreaker for a lot of people though. What’s a big turnoff for you?
Honestly, I don’t like it when guys are sweatin’ me too much. Overtexting, calling too much, hitting me up on Facebook and Myspace. Basically, if you’re too over zealous it makes me think that you’ve got nothing else going on. I’m not saying you should play hard to get, but being too available right off the bat is cause for concern. Play it cool.

Predict what fashion trends you think are going to be really hot in 10 years.
Everything old eventually becomes new again, especially in fashion. Right now I feel like everything is in style because vintage shopping is so trendy. The only thing I can think of that you really never see on people is huge wide-leg jeans, like JNCO jeans from the 90’s. I bet those will become cool again, although I really hope they don’t.