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Amp on bad weaves, tall women, and making a dress masculine

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Amp on nerve style blog

What's your name?
Amp, as in amplifier, and Fiddler, as in fiddler on the roof.

That's a pretty cool name. what do you do?
I'm a musician/singer/keyboard player/artist.

How long have you been doing that for?
Oh, about twenty years.

Are you in a band or are you solo?
I have my own band and I'm just about to put out my new EP.

What kind of music is it?
It's a little bit of electronic, soul, funk, and dance.

What kind of style do you like on women?
I like tall women with simple style, sometimes a little funky. I like to mix old and new so I like to see women in old and new…vintage, yet modern.

Do you have any dealbreakers, style-wise?
I don't really have any because women are so vast! I go into a women's store and I'm confused, like "Wow there's too much in here!" We get trousers, shirts and ties. It's basic with us, but you guys got too much.

Oh come on, there has to be something. A muumuu? UGGs? There has to be something that turns you off.
UGGs are okay. I didn't like them at first, in fact I really hated them, but now I've kind of accepted them because I've seen some that are pretty funky. I guess weaves can be terrible sometimes.

How would you dress if you were going out to get laid?
My clothes might be fitted a little better and I might show some muscle. It's hard in New York. There are too many options, and you need to know people here. You don't get meet someone and it just goes down.

Are you not trying to get laid right now because you're wearing baggy pants?
No, I'm not trying to get laid right now. Although they're kind of tight!

So what do you do to get women?
I have a girlfriend at home in Detriot. She's a model so she's a tall woman. It's just about going out and meeting people.

Do you read any style blogs?
I like Top Man because I travel a lot around the world. It's one of my favorite styles. I've got Maxim in my iPhone, also Men's Health and Zara. I also like the European magazines because they show forward fashion for men and different things that most men here wouldn't wear. I'll wear anything. I might even put on a dress if I was in shape! I do just about anything if it's in good taste, as long as it's somewhat masculine. Though it can be feminine, I'm just gonna wear it with style, like a real man.