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Amy on bright colors, H&M, and borrowing her roommate’s clothes

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Amy on's style blog tools of attraction

Are you always colorful? 
I'm just drawn to color. I pretty much always wear it, but on a day like today, I just try to stay warm. Truth be, though, told this is actually my roommate's outfit. She just left to go to home for Christmas yesterday and left this here, so I was like, "Great, I'll wear it."  

Do you share clothes a lot?
Yeah we pretty much share a wardrobe, and it's perfect. We're the same height and we have the same style.   

So what exactly are you wearing?
This is dress is from H&M. This is a vintage belt. It was my mom's in the '80s. These are cowboy boots from Montana and then I've got purple tights — I don't know where they're from —and this coat from H&M, too.   

Do you think wearing color makes you stand out more?
New York City is so black and gray, but I never really think about it when I get dressed. It just what I like to wear.  

How would you describe your sense of style besides colorful?
Funky, vintage, full of surprises  

What is something you think a lot of people do, fashion-wise, that makes you cringe?
I don't believe in fashion "don'ts." I think everyone can wear whatever they want — as long as they like what they're wearing.  

What about style dealbreakers? Is there something you wouldn't want your boyfriend to wear?
Maybe cross-dressing. But even that I'd be okay with.   

What do you wear when you're going out on the town? 
When I go out I'm usually always in a  dress and I like my legs a lot so I try and show my legs as much as I can. In the winter it's hard. You just have to layer your tights.   

Is there a certain way people dress that you've seen, that you don't like? 
I guess a lot of real fur. It's questionable.   

What about faux fur?
I like that. Only real fur is ethically questionable unless it's a hand-me-down.