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An Ode to My Sephora Makeup Palette

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I’ve been resistant to beauty products my entire life. I’ve always preferred to go au naturale, pale skin, freckles, and all. Sometimes, however,  the situation calls for makeup. And it’s at these moments — the formals, the first dates, the job interviews — that I want a single product that will cover my every need, transforming me from someone who is often invisible to someone you totally want to fuck (or, with just a bit of subtle shading, hire).


[$48, Sephora]

Which is why I love the Sephora makeup palettes. The Ultimate Blockbuster, for example, pictured above, contains 84 eyeshadows, three blushes, 60 lip glosses, two lip liners, three eyeliners, six cream eyeliners, 6 matte eyeshadows, 6 sparkling eyeshadows, and an assortment of brushes and applicators. Making it possible for me to use this palette for any occasion, in any season, and in tandem with any trend you can come up with.

If you’d like to go a little less, uh, ultimate, Sephora has a shitload of other, smaller palettes that are even more portable. Such as:


[$34, Sephora]

…the Electric 360° Palette…


[$15, Sephora]

…the Makeup Palette To Go…


[$38, Sephora]

…and the Smoky Eyes Palette.

But I say go all the way.