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Anna and Her Russian Love of Heels

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What is something that instantly turns you on on a guy?
He has to be taller than me, and I like dark skin, dark hair, and light eyes. It’s the best combination of features and it’s pretty rare, so it makes them look a little unique but still super hot.

What about for clothing, or something you’d find in their apartment?
Tequila? I like guys who look clean and put-together. I’m not into the messy hipster look at all. In the apartment, anything that indicates that we might have something in common, like books or a good DVD collection. Interesting art, I don’t know.

What do people tell you is the sexiest thing about you?
I’d like to think it’s my boobs and my legs, but its definitely my hair. It’s definitely my most noticeable feature. It’s so long.

So do guys, um, utilize it?
Yeah. They pull it sometimes, which really hurts but I let them do it anyway [laughs]. It’s fun though, I can do a kind of Venus on the Halfshell thing and use it to cover my boobs.

What would you wear if you were determined to have a one night stand?
Heels. I’m Russian so it’s kind of our thing. A low-cut top too. But heels for sure; I love the combination of heels and shorts, and guys go crazy for that.

What’s one thing you see on other people these days that makes you cringe?
I’m fine with headbands usually, but I really hate that trend of wearing them strapped across your hair horizontally, going across the forehead. It makes no sense to me.

What fashion trend are you embracing right now?
Leggings as pants and tights as pants. I swear, I was wearing tights as pants before Lady Gaga made it cool.