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Appetite for Seduction

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My favorite nights are spent tracking down endless happy hours and cheap tapas that make the snootiest tastebuds quiver. And here’s the best part: the new school of small plates bars are packed with eligible food-lovers who want to snack on more than just antipasti.

If there can be anything good about a recession, it’s the deals that restaurants devise to get you inside. And if you’re a budget foodie like me, this is pretty much the news of the year. Barlata — an incredible Catalan place around the corner from my apartment — has endless low-priced small plates, and a clientele that inspires me to look my hottest, even for fried anchovies at 4pm.

But here’s the thing: if your game is sexy gourmands, you’ve got to know your stuff. Enter one of the handiest foodie encyclopedias I’ve ever seen:

100 Word for Foodies keeps things simple and relevant, and that means no snooty ordering tips or conflated cuisine knowledge — just straightforward know-how so you won’t end up ordering bull’s balls instead of fried olives.

Trust me — if you want to spend the rest of your evening tasting more than appetizers with the sexy foodie next to you at the bar, this little book is the secret to your success.

[$6, Amazon]