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Bachelor Pad: Don’t Have a Girly Bathroom

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Though a girl may like things smelling nice and looking pretty in their bathroom, that is not at all what they want to see in your place. But that’s also not to say that they want to see a dank bathroom fit for a frat house.

So throw out the potpourri leaves and hide your bottle of Jergens (or get some air freshener and wash that damp towel); here are a few decor ideas to add some manly charm to your bathroom (and impress your date the morning after).


[$22, Etsy]


[$25, Etsy]

Random vintage things go a long way. Whether they are vintage apothecary jars or old corked bottles in a cigar box, these make for nice decoration without being over the top.


[$18, Anthropologie]

Forget those vanity bulbs and fluorescents (which nobody looks flattering under). Get a vintage light bulb with visible coil filament for that nice amber glow.


[$35, Etsy]

This one is optional, but basically Michael Landon is one of the manliest men around. Just a thought.