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Bachelor Pad: From Cuddly Close to Under the Covers

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In  the picture above, you can see the bachelor in his natural habitat, passed out on a mattress on the floor after a night of drinking and roughhousing with the guys. A little messy, but there’s potential there.

Especially since the mattress in question is part of the Huggy Armchair, a papasan-type seat that will take you from cuddly close to under the covers in seconds if you have a girl over.


The Huggy Armchair is made up quite simply of a mattress rolled into a cylindrical base. So that you and your gal pal can watch a movie while wrapped in each other’s arms. And then, if it gets so late that she needs to sleep over, you can present her with the unrolled mattress. Because, you know, you don’t want to be too presumptuous. (Though, hopefully, she’ll eventually invite you to share the mattress with her.)