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Bachelor Pad: Make Sure the Odds Are Packed In Your Favor

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What we look for when we first enter your apartment:

  • the ratio of floor space to dirty underwear
  • your CD/mp3 collection
  • your DVD collection
  • your books

After all, as Rob points out in High Fidelity (an old fave), “what really matters is what you like, not what you are like.”

And when we see a smart book collection on an even smarter bookshelf…we’re sold.

This Pack of Dogs shelving — designed by Oscar Nunez — is exactly what I’m talking about. Named after famous Mexican wrestlers (Aguayo, Superastro, El Santo, etc.), these pooch-shaped pieces can be used as side tables, stools, benches, bookends, and my fave: the bookshelf.

[$79-$413, Kirk Gallery]

[Via Ponoko]