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Bachelor Pad: Not Your Old Man’s Rocking Chair

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Nothing says “manly man” quite like taking an object and turning it into something else. Nothing says “old man” like a rocking chair. Combine the two and you get one industrial rocking chair that’s sure to impress your date.

These rocking chairs are made by French company Stanker with recycled oil drums. Above is the Koman-Ile rocking chair. The orange will help you add a little brightness to your industrial decor and show that you have some semblance of a soul.


[500€ (approx. $705), Stanker]

This above model is called Crap, which is misleading since it looks pretty nice.


[450€ (approx. $633), Stanker]

And just to round everything out, pair it with this cool, stenciled table.


[via Curbly]