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Bachelor Pad: Your House is Cooler Than That Other Guy’s

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned from watching copious amounts of HGTV, it’s that you need to shell out a shitload of money if you want people to come over. The number one way to make your place the place to be? Completely redo your backyard: Get a fire pit and an outdoor grill. Include a pool and a hot tub. And most definitely include one of these.

When I saw pool party seating like the set pictured above during one of my marathon HGTV sessions, I wanted one. And I don’t even want a flipping pool.

The seating can be found at Frontgate for $799; the umbrella comes separately, and costs $229. It may seem like a lot of money but, once you splurge, you won’t be able to get rid of that girl you’ve been eyeing.

Seriously. You’re gonna get sick of her real quick.

[Via The Awesomer]