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Ballet Flats: As Hot as Heels?

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[$34.50, American Eagle]

The other day, esteemed Nerve editor Peter Smith has an e-debate with DailyCandy’s Pavia Rosati over whether high heels were sexy or sexist. My opinion? Both.

I’ll be honest. I practically live in a beat-up pair of 6-year-old Nike flip-flops, but I love how my calves look when I force myself into a pair of heels. Can there be common ground?

Well. I loves me my ballet flats from Payless…


…but I waver between thinking I look cute and girly-girl flirty in them, and thinking I look squat and dumpy.

What say you men (and women, for that matter)? Can a cute girl in a pair of equally cute flip-flops make you weak in the knees? Or does it take stilettos to rev your engine?

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