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Be an Irresistible Jukebox Hero

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A jukebox on its own is a pretty wonderful thing, but a jukebox loaded with goodies at your favorite bar — well, that’s magic waiting to happen. Hone your jukebox hero skills, and you might find yourself heading home with a new friend.

Welcome to one of my personal favorite jukebox bars:


Lucky 13’s music machine has a song selection that’s beyond superb, but I’ve also got to give myself a little credit for prepping my jukebox routine.

Put a few vodka tonics in me and my music memory goes blank, which is why it always pays to have a jukebox plan. That means making a list of irresistible (and fairly common) songs that’ll put the focus all on you while you shake your booty at the box. Apps like Shazam and Pandora are a great way to build your repertoire for those crucial juke moments.

Next, make sure you’ve got quarters. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve strutted my stuff over to the jukebox, only to find the dollar feeder broken. And let me tell you, it’s less than sexy to reverse-strut back to your barseat sans music.

Finally, practice those jukebox moves — after all, a perfectly executed booty swoop mid-song selection is guaranteed to capture that special someone’s attention.

And hey, if you’re really serious about your jukebox routine, you can always invest in the real deal… for, y’know, practice n’ stuff.

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