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Be Indie-spensable

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You know what’s irresistible? Literary hotties with their noses buried in books. And what’s even more irresistible than that? When those same literary hotties are reading the newest, hippest things — perfect for starting up a flirtatiously bookish conversation.

Yes, the simple act of reading a book in public can get you a date. And then some. If it’s the right book, that is. So stay on top of all things indie-literary with shipments of Indiespensable from Portland’s famed Powell’s Books:


Every six weeks you’ll get the latest in indie literature delivered to your door, including first editions, pre-publication copies, and signed books. Plus Powell’s includes a few little surprises that’ll make your up-ramped reading life even more enjoyable (think candy, posters, and other charming miscellany).

Sticking your nose in these books won’t just reward you with a growing repertoire of conversation topics — it’ll also get you noticed in all the right ways.

[$40 per shipment, Powell’s]