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Be Prepared for an Impromptu Slumber Party

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I’m lucky enough to be with a man who finds my fuzzy Cookie Monster pants charming (or, at the very least, not horrifying). When you’re having movie night at your apartment with the new guy, however, or taking home some hottie from that bar down the block, you don’t want to take any chances. Granny panties and cartoon characters may not fly.

Babydolls and bustiers, however, may be taking it too far.

(Such contrivances always made me feel ridiculous.)

Instead, invest in a cute but comfy pair of P. Jammers: camisole and capri sets in fun colors and patterns, that accentuate your curves without recalling those soft-core porn channels. The bamboo fabric enhances softness, breathability, and absorbency while wicking away moisture and preventing skin irritation.

[$82, This is J]

[Via Design Milk]