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Ben on Chuck Taylors, French Accents, and Girls Who Like Bikes

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Where are you originally from?
Lille, France. I teach French literature.

What is something that instantly turns you on when you see it on a girl?
I like the whole silhouette, like if you would project her on a screen. Good curves.

Is there anything particular she’s wearing??
Something that seems not to require too much effort, that seems natural.

What’s something that makes you cringe when you see it on a girl?
It’s a toss-up between over-made-up, overdone, and just sloppy. Frumpy looking. How do I say this? Somebody who doesn’t give a shit and doesn’t respect herself.

But what about being effortless?
You can be effortless without being sloppy. At least I hope you can.

What do people tell you is the sexiest thing about you?
In the U.S. people are always like, "Hey, you got an accent" Once I was kind of checking out someone, but then she’s like, "You’ve got an accent, but I could tell you’re French even if you didn’t have an accent because you have a big nose." Then she said, "Oh, but it’s a Gallic nose, a strong nose." I was like, great, I have a fat nose. Then she tried to apologize.

What would you wear out if you were determined to get laid?
I wouldn’t change a thing.  It’s all about how you present yourself.  As my roommate would say, "How you hustle." 

What’s one thing you’ve seen in a girl’s apartment that made you want to bolt out the door? 
Dirt, like a dirty bathroom. A dirty apartment is not a turn-on. Also, a boyfriend.

Has that happened to you?
Just photos of one. It’s like the past is very much present. I don’t want to be a part of it.

The morning after, what’s one thing in a girl’s apartment that would make you go on a second date?
A bike or some sort of equipment that says she’s active.

What if she had a shitty mountain bike?
Good point. I guess a nice bike that shows she’s serious about biking, or good running shoes that show she’s serious about running. Something that tells me she does something active in her spare time.

What’s one thing you see on other people these days that makes you gag? 
Enormous sunglasses. And Chrome bags when you just walk and don’t bike, unless you really have scoliosis. It’s not good to have just one shoulder strap when you’re walking.

What’s the fashion trend you are embracing the most right now?
It’s a recession, so cheap. Like cheap shoes. With Vans or Chucks you can’t really go wrong – they last a year or two years.