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Better Than Those Damn Aviators

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I am so sick of all those bug eye sunglasses on the celebrities out there, not to mention the aviators and the by-god Kanye West shutter sunglasses (I tried driving in those once, and almost sideswiped a car). Cat eye glasses: I’m still quite fond of you, but this face can’t pull them off.

I’m loving this throwback to the youthful and the sweet in Liberty & Co’s new line of sunglasses:




[$199, Liberty]

They’re the perfect alternative to my heart-shaped glasses…a pair I bought in Boston and wore during the course of my trip completely unselfconsciously, but which — when worn in NJ — only elicited un-subtle sniggers.

Um…a caveat, though. My heart-shaped glasses were only around 5 bucks.

[Via hypebeast]