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Blasting Music Picks Up Chicks. . .or So I Thought

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When I was a youngster, I used to drive to school with my windows down and my stereo blaring, thinking that it would pick up chicks.

It didn’t. I attribute this to many reasons:

  1. Driving a 1993 Ford Escort
  2. Attending a high school that didn’t appreciate Saves the Day
  3. Being a huge dork

Well, things have changed. Now I ride a bike. And I can ride this bike in hipper areas than where I grew up, somewhere where people will appreciate the stupid music I listen to now.

Time to broadcast by bicycle with a bicycle iPod speaker.

Just stick your iPod into this case/speaker, clamp it to your bike, and control your music with the handlebar-mounted remote.

Let your music do the talking for you.

[$50, Urban Outfitters]

[via The Awesomer]