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Blind Date with: A Custom-Mixed Cereal

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…granola and chocolate chips and coconut slivers…brown plastic packages done up with bling…are these your paramour’s favorite things?

It’s nice to go the extra mile when your loved one sleeps over.

I mean, there’s breakfast in bed

And then there’s Breakfast In Bed, the sort personalized with all the edible items you know for a fact that she or he loves.

MojaMix makes it easy. Their site allows you to hand-pick the cereal base, fruits, nuts, and seeds that you want in a perfect cereal.

When I went on the site to mix my own cereal (because I’m selfish and it didn’t occur to me to mix up a special cereal for my man), I went a little…nuts.

I started by choosing a granola base and adding in dried strawberries. This is fine. But then I got to the Nuts & Seeds section and became a bit overexcited by all of the choices available to me.

Forget the nuts. Coconut chips? Check. Raw cacao nibs? Check. Chocolate Chips? Check. Chocolate coffee beans? Double check!

As I added things to the mix, a sidebar added up the cost of the cereal, based upon each item I had chosen.

I named my cereal Power Breakfast and added the dorktastic tagline “Because life should be sweet…” to the package design. (I am so. lame.) Then I waited with bated breath for my cereal to arrive in the mail.

And then it was here:



Let’s just say that what I had mixed together was not a cereal, but rather a fancy schmancy trail mix. In fact, when I told my mother about it, she shrieked: “That’s your entire day’s calories in one meal!” And, if I’m to be completely truthful, I almost went into a sugar coma while eating it. In fact, I could feel myself gaining weight with each bite I took and, after awhile, I just couldn’t go on.

Next time, I’ll mix something up that actually qualifies as a breakfast food.

Just FYI, my 12 oz. bag came out to just over $11. That’s the price you pay for ordering yourself a personalized heart attack in a bag. What would you put in your own mix?