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Blind Date with: A Hookah

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As I unpack my cardigans…my fleece slippers…my 12 winter hats…I find myself becoming more and more unwilling to leave the apartment. For any reason.

Why do I have to seek out the action? Can’t the action come to me?

Which is why I’ve been scrambling for stay-at-home date ideas. My latest stroke of genius? The hookah party.


Hookahs can be had for fairly cheap, as long as you’re not looking for a work of art. In fact, this classic model is only $79.50 at The Hookah and, when you consider what a hot spot your place will become once you invest in one, the cost seems almost negligible.

Because, while hookah bars have popped up everywhere, it’s so much nicer to smoke for free, in the cozy confines of your own home, a bottle of wine at your side and the bed a mere few feet away.

So I got my hands on a few fun shisha (tobacco) flavors and shared some smoke time with my man, plus a couple of friends.



The hookah itself is easy enough to set up, and all you bong users will find it quite intuitive. Just fill the base with water, attach the shaft and hose, pack the bowl, burn a couple pieces of charcoal until they’re red hot, and you’re good to go.

Though the hookah itself came with three complimentary shishas, we chose to spend our time with a s’mores-flavored shisha by JM’s Hookah:


[$39.50, The Hookah]

Because of the damp chill outside, it was nice to wrap ourselves in blankets and pretend we were sitting around the cozy glow of a fire pit, marshmallows slowly roasting, graham crackers and chocolate bars at the ready. The tobacco smelled deliciously chocolatey, and the smoke went down smooth.

We also tried a caramel apple-flavored tobacco by Al Amir:


[$3, The Hookah]

For some reason, we couldn’t get it to smoke as much (which left us feeling slightly unfulfilled), but it smelled delicious.

Back to the s’mores, though. We packed so much tobacco in that little bowl that the four of us had trouble even finishing it off, all filled up as we already were on mass quantities of wine.

But we certainly gave it our all, sucking hard on the hose and competing to see who could blow the most smoke of out their nose. (It really doesn’t take much, people.) In the end, we were all giggly and light-headed and sprawled out across the hardwood floor.

It was a long day, and especially nice to go straight from smoking to sleep.

Next time it’ll be just the two of us, huddled up around the hookah for a snug night in.

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(P.S. Theresa won the smoke-athon.)