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Blind Date with: A Novel That Doubles as Dating Advice

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When it comes to finding your perfect man, it’s not all about that first, smoldering look.

In fact, first looks can be deceiving.

Which is why it helps to have a good idea of what you’re looking for, so that you can quickly size up a man and decide whether he’s a waste of time…or totally worth it.

Romance author Christie Walker Bos took this wisdom quite literally, drawing up a Magical Man List that allowed her to meet the man of her dreams. She then fictionalized her story, publishing Magical Man List as an ebook…a light, fun one that I couldn’t help enjoying despite myself.


[$5.95, Ellora’s Cave]

Don’t make fun. Inspired by the story, I’ve begun creating my own Magical Man List, one that will hopefully find me…um…a second husband even more perfect than the one I’m with now…? My first 10 list items:

  1. A man who is tall, slim, and with dark, purposefully-mussed hair.
  2. But not so slim that he’s actually at my goal weight, dammit.
  3. A man with zero desire to grow a beard.
  4. A man who loves to read (and not just computer books).
  5. A man whose writing is both witty and impeccable.
  6. A man who can cook, and who enjoys cooking meals together.
  7. A man who can deal with my overblown neuroses and other forms of psychosis.
  8. A man who will rub my belly and run his fingers through my hair (because apparently, I am a cat).
  9. A man who is passionate about the work that he does.

I could go on. I’m sure you could do. What would you include a a checklist for The One?