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Blind Date with: Cruzan Aged Dark Rum

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Atlantic City — the second rate Vegas. Instead of attractive folks, we get Jersey shore mutants. But wouldn’t stop us from having fun! Plus we’d be super wasted, so no matter how lame Atlantic City may potentially be, we’d be having a good time regardless.

I also received a bottle of Cruzan Aged Dark Rum to review, so we knew we’d be “Cruzan for a bruisin'” in no time.


Upon walking around the boardwalk we saw about eight billboards/posters/ads for the rum. It was fate. We saw it fit to take this opportune moment to take the above picture if the rum was good or if it’d be eight thumbs down:


So we went up to our room and began freshening up and getting ready to hit the slots, tables, ooncha-ooncha clubs, and at least break even for the night. And nothing says “freshen up” like a pre-game drink, I suppose.

Amidst the buttoning of shirts and zipping up of dresses, I poured a glass of Cruzan Aged Dark Rum for everyone (six of us in total). We decided to give it a go straight before we utilized the Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper we paid way too much for in the lobby.

Upon first sip, the reactions were relatively neutral. No one ran to the sink to spit it out, but no one let out an excited “MMMmm!”

But it certainly was not bad.

The rum had a little bit of a spicy kick coupled with a buttery finish, which was nice. And the fact that this rum sells at a very reasonable price point, it’s a more than exceptional rum to drink, especially for cocktails. Mixed with the Coca-Cola and Dr. Pepper, this rum was very drinkable. We poured a lot of rum in and the cocktail still tasted good without the rum overpowering the drink.

I mean, either way, we got drunk and super silly and had a grand ole’ time — whether we got lucky at the $10 blackjack table or in the hotel room when everyone else was downstairs.

When it comes to rum, I’m a Goslings and 10 Cane man. But when searching for an affordable rum, the Cruzan Aged Dark Rum is perfectly adequate and you’ll be saving a few bucks instead of shelling out more for Malibu, Captain Morgan, or Bacardi — which I believe to be of the same caliber as this rum.


[$14, liquor stores everywhere]