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Blind Date with: Gin & Tonic Bath Products

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Booze and soap: dangerous elixir or magically sudsy combination? With my very own bar of gin & tonic soap in hand, I bared all and test drove this wonder of modern hygienic products on a date with destiny (and real gin)…


When I opened my box of gin & tonic products, I was impressed to find that Funktional takes just as much care with packaging as it does with product concept. The soap was a colorful, nearly edible treat, and it even came with its own gin & tonic recipe (more on that part later). The flower water was an adorable aesthetic match, and I was tempted to just leave the two out in my bathroom for instant fanciness appeal.

I ventured a cursory sniff of the soap and definitely detected subtle hints of gin & tonic. Briefly, I wondered if I’d end up smelling like a lush, then raiding the liquor cabinet in a panic to quell my anxiety about not wanting to come off as a total boozer (ah, the complex caverns of a girl’s pre-date mind). But with my date picking me up in about an hour, I jumped in the shower to try it out.


First observation: absolute, blissful lime and citrus scent. I imagine that using this soap in the morning would be a fantastic wake-me-up. In the afternoon, it was perfectly relaxing and (I’ll admit) totally fun to suds up with. Speaking of sudsability — one of my most important criteria for any soap — the gin & tonic soap sudsed up like a pro. The bar itself is divided into two parts: green (glycerin and lime essential oil) and white (goat’s milk soap with juniper essential oil). Together, they make for a perfectly divine showering experience.

All put together and ready to rock, I couldn’t help but savor my fresh-out-of-the-shower (and yes, vaguely gin and tonic-y) scent. I didn’t smell like a boozer, but I did have the redolence of a girl who was ready for some fun. And while it could have been the extra burst of confidence that smelling like juniper and lime gave me, I will say that my date not only noticed but mentioned — yes! — that I smelled purty. (Okay, maybe it was also his attempt to score guy points, but only future test drives will tell…)

After a lovely summer afternoon strolling around the park and grabbing lunch, we returned home and test drove the gin & tonic recipe on the soap package:

The Perfect Gin & Tonic:
4 or 5 tonic ice cubes
3 ounces of gin
4 ounces of tonic water
1 tablespoon of lime juice
1 lime wedge

We all know that a gin & tonic isn’t all that hard to make, but let me tell you — those tonic water ice cubes make a fantastic difference. We had a blast, and finished a good three-quarters of our gin bottle.


In summary: with my breath (rather realistically) matching my shower-fresh scent by the end of the evening, I’d say the gin & tonic soap was a smashing success. If sudsing up can be this much fun every day, I think I might order a whole case of this soap…

Though my date focused around test driving the gin & tonic soap, I did have a chance to use the flower water the next day. I’ve always said that a bath is good for a hangover, and well, a bath spiked with gin & tonic flower water (ie relaxation and hair of the dog) might just be the next miracle cure.

[$5 for the soap, Funktional]

[$6.50 for the flower water, Funktional]