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Blind Date with: Love Potion #9

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I am writing this while under the influence.

Gizmo can attest to it.

But it’s okay, because it’s my job to drink strange liquors in the mid-afternoon.

Because when it comes to letting your inhibitions go — and laying it all out there for a guy in either the bar or the bedroom — there’s nothing better than booze (or pot).

Especially when said booze is called Love Potion #9.


A 60-proof, no-grain alcohol, Love Potion #9 contains a heady mix of tropical flavors, including mango, peach, chocolate, vanilla, pear, apple, cherry, and almond.

Which, of course, made both me and my taste testing partner worry that it would be too sweet to sip if taken simply on the rocks.


And upon sniffing it, I definitely got a whiff of melon, but it was a pleasant scent…the type that makes you think of trips to Mexico, and wearing flip-flops, and things that are the opposite of sitting in your condo blogging.

We sipped.


Michael (who, you’ll notice, sports both my favorite hairstyle, and my favorite sexy glasses), declared it too sweet for his tastes, but said it was definitely something he could see himself enjoying mixed with something else. I concurred, though I didn’t find it nearly as sickeningly sweet as some of the malt liquors I’ve tasted in my day.

But I did suggest that we try one of the recipes provided on the Love Potion website. We went for the Tuscany Sunset:

  • 1.5 oz. Love Potion #9 over ice
  • 3 oz. of cranberry juice
  • 1 oz. of club soda
  • Pour over ice, then garnish with an orange slice.

(As this was obviously not enough booze to slake our thirst, we doubled everything.)

Aaaahh…that’s more like it. Though I’m a wine drinker by nature, when I sipped that Tuscany Sunset, I could see myself at a pool party, sloppy drunk and throwing people into the water. I sipped some more.

Michael, meanwhile, decided that the taste of cranberry was too strong, and added some more Love Potion #9 and club soda. He then declared it perfect.

Now we’re both sitting at our computers, working while under the influence.

Our final conclusion? Pick up a bottle before the days start cooling off. It — and all the tropical drinky-drinks you can make with it — will serve as the perfect excuse to squeeze in some last-second summer barbecues (I always plan my parties around beverages). Happy weekend boozing!