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Blind Date with: Shower Sex Three Ways

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My favorite form of foreplay? Sexy time in the shower.

But guys. Sexy time in the shower can be dangerous. One time, we almost slipped and killed ourselves when my man tried to lift me up with my back against the slick, tiled wall. And I swear, every time he kisses me when I’m directly underneath the¬†shower head, I’m afraid I’m going to drown. (I may be unnecessarily paranoid.)

Sometimes, all good sexy time takes is a good shower head. Which is why I decided to try out three different shower heads during The Sex. waterpik-shower-head

[$34.99, Bed Bath & Beyond]

Waterpik’s AquaFall shower head has an adjustable arm, and a six-inch face. That, and it’s cheap. We bought it because the shower head that came with the condo was rusty, leaky, and seemingly always in danger of falling on our heads. Besides, we wanted to treat ourselves to a rain fall-style shower head. Because they feel good. Dammit. (And because this one is probably out of our range.)

Pros: The extra-large face makes showering massage-like and awesome.

Cons: Drowning (see above) (shut up; I’m not crazy). Also, it’s tough for both of us to fit underneath the flow of the water at once, which means one of us is always left nakey and shivering.


[$116.70, Speakman]

The Speakman Anystream Euro Handheld Shower looks swankier than our Waterpik shower head, but how would it hold up in a competition?

Pros: The fact that the Speakman was a handheld made it a lot more versatile, allowing us to playfully spray each other as we smooched.

Cons: With its 48 spray channels and adjustable setting, we should have been excited with all the possibilities. But the “intense spray” setting wasn’t intense enough, and the “massaging” setting was too intense. Ouch! After one shower with the Speakman, I only wanted my Waterpik back. Am I too picky?


[$85.56, HomeClick]

Um. Hello new favorite shower head. I love you. The Hansgrohe Raindance E-120 AIR is a handheld shower head with three jets and all sorts of awesome. That and it’s supposed to infuse the air with water so that it envelops the skin rather than bouncing off of it.

Pros: Everything. I mean, the handheld aspect of it is, again, awesome for ensuring that both of us get equal shares of the water spray. The water pressure also seems pretty perfect. The “rain air” setting allows us to pretend we’re in a swanky hotel. The “whirl air” setting feels nice directly on top of the head, and is also the perfect level of pressure for…um…pleasuring yourself. Or having your partner pleasure you. Like when you use vibrators in the bedroom.

Cons: None that I have yet determined, unless you count the price in comparison to the Waterpik’s price.

So go forth and have lots of shower sex, people!

In the meantime, I must bid you adieu. This is my last post for Nerve, as I’ve decided to carve out more time in my life for other projects. You can still find me over at Lemondrop, where I continue to test out crazy sexual devices, or at Freelancedom, where I complain about my lack of both money and coffee. Love you all. Muah!