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Blind Date with: Stink-Free Socks

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You’ve got a hot date but haven’t done laundry in longer than you’d like to admit. You grudgingly dirty-clothes dive for a pair of socks, fairly sure that the evening might end in aromatic disaster. If only you’d had a pair of stink-free socks…

Introducing Copalife, a company that specializes in stink-free apparel (including odorless underwear, but that’s a test drive for another time). Copalife’s stink-free socks use technology that “stops 99.9% of bacteria, fungus and microbes that cause odors and fungal infections.” As a result, Copalife says its socks can be worn for over two weeks and remain stink-free.

The Challenge
Can any socks truly be stink-free? And furthermore, can they stand up an intimate encounter? Risking life, limb, and personal hygiene, my man and I embarked on a two-week test drive to see if stink-free socks followed through on their name while keeping us both feeling confident and sexy.

With our sock samples in hand, we agreed on the terms: we’d both wear the socks as long as we could — with an ultimate goal of two weeks — but either party could pull the plug if the circumstances (or, um, odors) arose.

The Experiment
We donned our socks on a Monday morning, and when Thursday rolled around, we were pleasantly surprised with the results:


In addition to everyday wear, we’d both worn our socks in fairly sweaty scenarios (gardening, jogging, and even one romantic evening when we decided it was only right to include a sock-clad bedroom romp in the test drive). Neither pair had any disturbing scents; in fact, both of our feet lacked any smell at all, and we began to wonder if maybe these socks were the miracle of the modern hygienic age.

With the first weekend came a bout of intense summer heat, and we bravely sported our stink-free socks through it. The following Monday — seven days into our experiment — it was time for a sniff-test.


I think it’s safe to say that if a girl can happily sniff her man’s feet after seven days of the same pair of socks, it’s got to be love. Thanks to Copalife, it’s love minus the stinkiness. Neither pair smelled bad at all, and we felt pretty confident about embarking on week two of stink-free socks.

But by Wednesday evening (10 days in), something was most definitely amiss. My feet smelled fine, leaving the origin of the scent with my partner in test-drivedom. He stripped his socks off, and they certainly looked odorific:


But here’s the funny thing: the socks were completely scent-free. His feet, however, had a decidedly pungent aroma. It seems that while Copalife’s socks most definitely “absorb moisture and keep your feet dry,” after a week or so, they don’t so much allow your feet to breathe.

For both of our sakes (in and out of the bedroom), my man changed into fresh socks. I, however, roared into my eleventh day of the challenge. Hygiene wasn’t even a question anymore; it was me versus nature, and damned if my feet weren’t going to triumph.

At two weeks, the time came for a final smell test:


After a tenuous but thorough sniffing, I could honestly say that the socks didn’t stink. They had, however, lost most of their original softness and ended up pretty stiff and uncomfortable. But I didn’t feel any less sexy for it, and I certainly didn’t get any stinky feet complaints when it counted most.

The Verdict
Considering what these socks went through, we were both pretty impressed. The stink-free magic definitely works, and in a pinch, these socks’ll have you covered. How well they work over long periods is debatable, but let’s face it — if you regularly wear socks for two weeks at a time, your main concern is probably not impressing that special someone with hygiene.

[$16 for 3 pairs, Copalife]