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Blind Date with: The Scentuelle Patch

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It pains me to say this, but I’m a sex writer who has major issues with sex. Aside from the complications I experience as the direct result of a past, sexually abusive relationship, I also suffer from low libido levels…probably due to stress, exhaustion, and a host of other things. So I felt hopeful when the people over at The Sense of Smell Lab offered to send me samples of their Scentuelle patch.

Scentuelle is a libido patch developed to enhance feelings of sexual desire. It uses scent to┬ámimic┬ádopamine, our body’s happiness hormone. By applying this small patch to the inside of my wrist every day for a month, and sniffing these patches throughout the day, I was supposed to eventually feel relaxed, and perhaps even sexually aroused. And, hell, I was up for that.

Week One: I opened the resealable pouch containing my 30 Scentuelle patches. A strong, flowery scent wafted out as I extracted the clear sheets, each with six, ovoid, transparent patches on them. I pulled one off and applied it to the inside of my wrist, inhaling deeply as I did so. I appreciated the fact that the patches were so subtle…almost unnoticeable, really. Then, I went about my day.

I took a sniff of my wrist about once every hour, as the instructions suggested. Other than that, I compulsively smoothed the patch down throughout the day — and on throughout the week. My wrist itched and, at first, I worried that my skin was developing a rash, but I eventually came to believe I was merely experiencing minor irritation due to the fact that the sticky, plastic oval was placed directly on the spot where my wrist bends.

Aside from this irritation, I experienced nothing else.

Week Two: Do I feel aroused? No, not tonight. Do I feel aroused? No, not tonight. Do I feel aroused? Well…I suppose I could go for some sexy time tonight. But does that have anything to do with the patch?

Week Three: By this point, I was sniffing my wrist so frequently, I felt like a drug addict. It just smelled so…nice. And I suppose that, in a way, experiencing that scent was relaxing. As for my arousal levels, Scentuelle seemed ineffective when faced with my long hours, my work frustrations, and my low energy levels. Is my dry vag untreatable!? Is yours!? (Well…one can always use copious amounts of Sliquid.)

Though Scentuelle didn’t help me, you can always try it out for yourself. Because — lord knows — when you’re at the beginning stages of a relationship, you need lots of stamina.

[$19.98, The Sense of Smell Lab]