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Blind Date with: Your Perfect Cup of Coffee

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There is no better first date — at least in my mind — than coffee and conversation.

In fact, I’ve taken many a new man to my local cafe, brought him to the back room with the smooshy couches, and proceeded to get a feel for him over a coffee or five.

Later, as each relationship has progressed, I’ve been equally gratified to share a morning-after cup with him, this time on my own living room couch.

Over the years, I’ve gotten pickier about both my coffee and my men, which is why I feel it’s perfectly natural that everyone should at least have their own personalized blend of coffee waiting for them in the kitchen cupboard (at times, this could make up for having a less-than-perfect man waiting for you in the living room).

The Roasterie sells all types of air-brewed coffees, but the reason they stand out among other shops is because of their MyBlend option. Through their site, you can answer a series of eight questions, which then allows them to put together your perfect blend. Their questions are richly detailed and well-explained. One example:

“Believe it or not, beans also have hints of fruit flavor. Now when it comes to their cup of coffee, nobody is really looking for a fruit cup. So think of it this way — you’re standing at the counter of your favorite bakery with a cup of freshly-brewed Roasterie coffee in hand. It’s early morning, you’re just a little hungry from the night before and you’re about to order a teeny little sliver of a fruit Danish to set yourself on the path to a beautiful day. Which one do you choose? The citrus Danish with a touch of lemon. The berry Danish with blackberries, blueberries or ripe cherries. The milder fruit Danish of pear or apricot.”

Other questions touch upon roasting time, terroir, floral characteristics, acidity level, and body.

After making it though the questionnaire myself, I named my coffee (3 Cat Coffee, if you’re dying to know), uploaded an image, and placed my order (you can order both full beans and grinds). It was as easy as that, and I got two bags of whole beans for $12.49.

How do I like my perfect blend? While absolutely nothing can deter me from my single-minded obsession with Gourmet Garage’s Bavarian chocolate coffee, for a regular, non-flavored coffee, I’m pretty damn happy. It’s light, smooth, and doesn’t run right through me (too much?).

Once you figure your man’s around to stay, perhaps you can order him his own special blend. After all, you don’t want to share, do you?