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Book Selection: A**holeology

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Apparently, assholes are all the rage. Or maybe it’s that they get all the love. I can never keep those straight. Anyway, three self-proclaimed assholes (an actor, a freelance writer, and an acting coach) got together to pen what amounts to a hilarious how-to manual on "getting your way and getting away with it."

On the surface, the whole thing seems thoroughly entertaining but a little gimmicky. I love that they present asshole categories (Steve Carrell = the Pretend Asshole, Simon Cowell = the Trying-Too-Hard Asshole, and so on), but really — how far can being an asshole get you in life?

The answer: very, if you understand that asshole-ness is truly an art. Ultimately, it’s all about confidence, and Assholeology aptly instructs in that department while presenting the whole "better yourself" challenge in a funny, easy-to-swallow way.

My advice? Definitely get the book, but maybe don’t pull it out while you’re sitting next to a cute stranger.

[$9, Amazon]

[via Cool Material]