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Brad Oberhofer on letterman jackets, Ed Hardy, and why girls shouldn’t wear inconveniently high heels

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Brad Oberhofer for Nerve's style blog Tools of Attraction

What's your name and what do you do?
Brad Oberhofer. I play in a band called Oberhofer.  

What are you wearing? 
My hat is from a dollar store in Tacoma, the shirt is Goodwill, Levi's jeans, Swear London shoes.   

What are some articles of clothing that you consider essential?  
I have a daisy-chain necklace that used to belong to my grandmother. I wear it every time I play a show. I recently bought this sweet letterman jacket at a flea-market in London that I really like wearing. It has sort of a cape on the back of it that trails behind me in the wind as I ride my bike. I also really like these Swear shoes.  

How do you dress when you're performing? Is it different from how you dress day-to-day?
It's pretty much exactly the same as I dress normally, except for that necklace I wear only when I play shows.  Sometimes I'll maybe try to add flamboyant jewelry.  

If you're sizing up a girl, what are some outfit details that you really like?  What do you find sexy or endearing?
Not that I do a whole lot of conscious sizing up, but for me, endearing is sexy. A face can be dressed in any way and it's still the same face. I appreciate individuality and personality in clothes, and though that's vague, I feel like it's easy to see when someone dresses in their own clothes.  

What are some things that are absolute dealbreakers?  
Nothing's an absolute deal breaker, but I really don't like inconveniently high heels. They make everything less fun. I'm also not a fan of generic tattoos. I'm also not a particularly huge fan of jeggings or UGG boots.  

If you were going out on a date what would you wear?
I would probably dress the way I usually do. But if I were supposed to dress up, I'd dress the same way I normally do in the context of a suit and tie.  

What do you think women are attracted to about you?
I'm extremely strong. I can do a lot of push-ups.  

If you were to go home with a girl, what's something that, if you saw it in her apartment, would make you turn around and leave?
If I were attracted enough to a girl to go home with her, it would probably have to be something drastic, like an Ed Hardy banner or a dead person.