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Breakfast of Champions

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Last night was one of those nights that leaves me seriously deserving of a big, greasy, delicious breakfast. After all, if breakfast is the most important meal of the day, then hangover breakfast is even more crucial, right? Fortunately, I’ve got a date with friends at Stacks in SF — a culinary paradise for a girl on a breakfast mission.

Think big, fluffy, bacon-stuffed waffles and veggie scrambles bigger than my head… in other words, deliciousness incarnate. And whether it’s a weekday or weekend, hungover morning or tipsy afternoon, breakfast is one of those things that should be available all the time. It does wonders for the stomach and the mood — and a satiated, happy girl makes for a far more interesting date.

So check out Stacks if you’re in the SF area, or — better yet — be prepared with your very own breakfast arsenal:

With 280 recipes for pretty much any kind of breakfast your date could desire, this book’ll guarantee that breakfast is only the beginning.

[$8, Amazon]