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Bubble Bath Adventures with Pin-Up Girls

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The best way to escape this frigid winter cold? A nice warm bubble bath, preferably with someone else. Well, maybe not the best way since you’ll probably be cold when you get out. And staying in that water for awhile won’t help dry skin that occurs during these winter months, but I digress. . .

Of course, anything is made instantly more awesome by the inclusion of retro sensibilities. Enter Tokyo Milk Bubble Bath:

These bubble bath bottles come in sweet apothecary-style bottles and have retro pin-up girl imagery printed on the interior. Above is the "Girl with Dandelion" bubble bath, which has hints of sweet honey, jasmine, sandalwood, and violet. 

Now if only you can find an actual pin-up girl to join you in the tub, this holiday season would get decidedly more exciting.

[£22, Horsfall & Wright

[via Retro To Go]