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Can Anyone Make Earrings Manly?

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Will Smith: I used to love the guy but — lately — I’ve been questioning his taste in both movies (um, Hancockand fashion. Take a look at that ear bling, for example. I’m already against the idea of earrings for men, but his sparkling stud is actually blingier than anything even I own. Not right, Will. Not right.

But is it possible to make earrings manly? IronEar seems to think so.


[$36.75, IronEar]

Because handiwork is obviously a man’s realm, IronEar has created a line of stud earrings for men that are simply based upon different screws. The one above is called Old School, but there are others — in both silver and gold — with inscrutable names like Lap Dance and Moon Dude.

Does shoving a screw through your ear make you more manly…or does it just make you a tool?