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Chalk One Up

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Oddly enough, one of the coolest and most seductive bars I’ve ever been to is The Annex in Asbury Park, NJ. And what makes it so? Aside from the burlesque show decor, amazing cocktails and beer selection, non-obtrusive dancey indie electronica, and gorgeous clientele, it’s really the chalkboard wall that takes the cake.

So many people were at the chalkboard wall doodling away, drawing their friends, sprawling messages from one end to the other, etc. In fact, through this chalkboard wall, my good friend ended up flirting with a pretty lady.

They were not to be found until the next day.

A chalkboard wall is a fun, playful flirt tool. You can start by drawing each other, then tracing other’s bodies, then tracing each other’s bodies naked. . .

But since you can’t really do that at a bar or in a classroom, I recommend painting one of your walls with Benjamin Moore’s Studio Finishes Chalkboard Paint.


[$14, My Perfect Color]

[via Curbly]