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Charles and His Paul Smith Style

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Where are you from?
Originally, I’m from the South of France. But I have been living in New York for years.

How would you compare fashion in France to New York?
It’s much more uniformed in France in a way that there are two or three major styles that everybody follows. Here in New York, there’s everything. You don’t have to fit in to anything. Except maybe a neighborhood.

What would be a fashion turn on in someone you’re attracted to?
I like simple stuff. The basic jeans, t-shirt, and Converse – well worn, but cool.

What would be a turn-off?
When they play too much with their hair. Big chewing gum. Too big sunglasses. Anything that goes near a Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan attitude.

What celebrity have people said you look like?
I get all kinds of stuff depending on my hair length. It puts me at unease to even say it. But I got that guy from Smallville. Depending on my goatee situation, I get Johnny Depp, Orlando Bloom. But that was a few years back. Oh, Sean Penn sometimes.