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Cheap Date: Art and Soul

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Tomorrow night is Oakland’s monthly First Friday art walk — also known as the Oakland Art Murmur — and I can’t wait for the clock to strike free wine time. If you haven’t been, the Murmur is a must-see event packed with hipsters, art-lovers, indie-ragers, and everything in between. The art is always fantastic, not to mention the closed down streets, free booze, and abundance of streetmeat.

And while every city has its art nights, I’ve got to boast a little and say that Oakland’s might actually be one of the best. It’s a hands-down fine art free-for-all, and somehow — by the end of the night — we always end up crowded into Rock Paper Scissors, giddy with wine and ready to buy half the store.

It’s a little bit like browsing the Etsy Art Shop with a serious buzz. Or, like roaming a superstore of Renegade Handmade and Little Otsu with an unlimited budget. It’s also a nice reminder that indie art is a whole lot of fun, no matter what city you find it in.

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