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Cheap Date: Comfort Food

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It’s been established that food is the way to someone’s heart. But sometimes it doesn’t matter if you make Porcini mushroom and asparagus risotto with white truffle oil; it’s no guarantee that you’ll attract that new lover. In fact, it might look like you’re trying too hard. Comfort food, however, is a sure fire winner to warm their heart. And what better comfort food than grilled cheese?

Back around Thanksgiving 2008 I started seeing this girl, but things didn’t really start getting hot and heavy until I came over when she was a lil sad-sad one day and made some grilled cheese. Sometimes toasty bread and melted cheese is all you need to transform into a suitor worth going to bed with. That situation lasted about two months though. Maybe I could’ve saved the relationship by making more grilled cheese. But no, the old muenster, red pepper, and wheat trick wouldn’t work again. . . I could’ve used some fresh new ideas from Grilled Cheese: 50 Recipes to Make You Melt.

This is the perfect book for the grilled cheese enthusiast. With recipes like melted alpenzell, emmentaler, pear, and cumin sandwiches to fresh mozz, prosciutto, and fig jam; this book is chockful of recipes that will tickle your lover’s taste buds and put them at ease. It also contains lots of useful tips for pressing sandwiches and the perfect bread pairings for your cheese of choice.

Nothing like a nice, informal, delicious meal to kick-start some loving.

[$12, Amazon]